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A Game of Patience, Vulnerability and Giant Robots for 2+ Players


> Even MEC Pilots need time to relax. You have charted a boat into a massive lake or perhaps the seas or oceans for a quiet get-away. Here you will take turns trying to catch something or conversing about life. The game ends after a set time (usually an hour) has passed and the sun has begun to set.



> Comfy fishing ambiance paired with otherworldly catches in a rules light system.

> Table of 36 Topics of Conversation for when nothing bites and you'd like to get to know your fellow pilots.

> A Casting Board featuring prompts for 36 Titanic and Bombastic Catches that'll spark players' imaginations and keep them on their toes.

>Easily compatible with any Mecha TTRPG Setting! As long as it has giant robots (MECs) and giant monsters (Wyrms).


> 1 D4, 2 D6, 2+ Players, about an hour and a love for giant robots.


> Rules and Setting by Alessandro Arena-DeRosa - @sandromaycry

> Additional Design Kudos to Duffy Muller

> Cover Art by Bayleigh Underwood - iceghostart.com

> See more Mobile Engagement Chassis: Steel Hearts steelhearts.info

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsFishing, mecha, Mechs, Narrative, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game


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One of the player classes in my game "Mectors" is Fisher, and I would absolutely delight in players using this during downtime. :D


Reel Robot Fishing is a side-game for Mobile Engagement Chassis, or optionally for any other mech rpg. It's also a viable standalone---about mech fishing.

The PDF is 2 pages, text only, but the information in it is organized in a way that makes it super easy to understand.

Gameplay is surprisingly crunchy, and character creation involves a number of moving parts. It also plays in real time, over the course of an hour.

To cast, you toss a d4 onto the provided board. Landing it in the right spots will give you an opportunity to try and reel in a fish, which is handled through a PbtA style 2d6 roll, which another player GMs.

If you fail to hook anything, you instead have a conversation with another player. Example topics are provided, and roleplaying fits extremely naturally into the context of the fishing excursion.

There are also a lot of excellent tips about building and maintaining atmosphere, including setting light level, ambient noise, and other elements.

Overall, if you're looking for a fishing game that plugs into any rpg, I strongly recommend this one. It holds up as a standalone, but it also really shines as downtime in a longer campaign. Definitely grab this if you have the chance.


Thank you so much for this lovely feedback! I'm glad the roleplaying elements are sticking and that it feels hefty enough to feel worth its hour run-time, while light enough to feel like an easy plug-and-play!


This is a fantastically well designed game! Thank you for writing it!